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pigeon control services

Residential Services

Pigeon control for individual homes requires a joint effort between the homeowner and Nevada Pigeon Contol. The ideal solution for pigeon control is always a Community Control program; however, when this is not possible, we do have a program that can be effective for your property.

1. Remove Nesting Birds: If the resident nesters/breeders are not removed, pigeon control is much harder to achieve. For individual homes, NPC agents will physically capture or remove the nesting birds only. Once these nesting birds are gone, the remainder of the birds can be moved off your property behaviorally.

2. Cleanup/Decontamination: Like most animals, pheromones play a big part in the presence of pigeon flocks. Ensuring that your property is cleaned, using our proprietary and all-natural chemical called PheroClean, is an important step to regaining control of your property. It also will get your property back to looking its best.

3. Exclude Nesting Areas: Eliminating potential or existing nesting spots will prevent a "nesting core" from taking root on your property. This will help considerably in keeping other pigeons from roosting specifically on your property by taking the "leaders" out of the picture.

4. Behavior Modification: Pigeons roosting on your property is a "behavior". Where total flock removal is not possible, animal behaviors can be changed with operant conditioning. NPC agents can work with you to train you on simple tricks you can do to create and maintain an "invisible fence" around your property.

Basic Rates: Service rates start at $480, which includes: nesting removal, cleanup, and exclusion. We will also work with you on creating an "invisible fence" with behavior modification.

Commercial Services

Nevada Pigeon Control's commercial services offer the most advanced and effective pigeon control solutions in the world. These services include:

Area Patrol: Pigeon Control Agents will regularly patrol coverage zones identifying any pigeon issues occurring within the service area. Pigeon Control Agents regularly create assessment reports that are used to assign resources to a particular control zone.

Dispatched Response: Pigeon Control Agents can be dispatched to respond to many different calls from the community. Some of these calls include rescue, carcass removal, or individual capture operations.

General Capture/Removal: Nevada Pigeon Control will implement capture and removal operations as often as is necessary to maintain acceptable levels of control for designated service areas. This may include a range of services or assets, including Pigeon-Saver® placement or Special Teams.

Investigation/Reporting: Pigeon Control Agents can be called upon to deal with compliance issues such as intentional feeding or inadvertent feeding. In some cases these investigation reports are used in legal proceedings, evictions or trespass notices.

Compliance Certification: All businesses or communities under the public rates will be issued a Pigeon Control Compliance Certification which can be used as verification that an integrated pigeon control program is in place.

Depending on the operational needs of a particular control zone, services may be as often as daily or weekly.

General Rates

Pigeon control public rates fall under three general categories:

1. Grouped Commercial
2. Commercial
2. Community

Pigeon control services for individual homes within a community or certain commercial properties may not be available. Talk to a Resource Specialist to see if your property qualifies for the utility.

Grouped Commercial Public Rates

Grouped Commercial Rates are designed for multiple tenant properties such as shopping centers, industrial complexes or other managed commercial properties.

Basic Public Rate: $6.25 per month/per group member

Minimum Public Rate is $6.25 or $425 per month, whichever is greater.

In areas with serious infestatins, an initial setup charge may be required.

Initial Setup: $4,800 flat fee

Bio-Services and clean-up rates quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Commercial Rates

Commercial Rates are designed for independent commercial properties such as hotels, casinos, schools, parks, free-standing industrial buildings, airports, institutions or other similar of properties.

Basic Commercial Rate: $600 - $1,200 per month

Grouped Commercial rates may apply in some cases. Consult with one of our Resource Specialists for more information.

In areas with serious infestatins, an initial setup charge may be required.

Initial Setup: $4,800 flat fee

Bio-Services and clean-up rates quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Community Rates

Community Rates are designed for residential developments or communities. The public program is currently not available for non-HOA managed communities.

Basic Rate: $1.25 per month/per resident

Minimum Public Rate is $1.25 per residence or $425 per month for the community, whichever is greater. Additional discount rates may be available for multiple communities. Talk to your Resource Specialist for more information.

In areas with serious infestatins, an initial setup charge may be required.

Initial Setup: $4,800 flat fee

Bio-Services and clean-up rates quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Bio-Services/Clean-Up Rates

Once an area is under control, property owners will need to have the affected areas cleaned, decontaminated and de-pheromonized. This is an important aspect of pigeon control, not only for health and sanitary reasons, but because new pigeons are ten times more likely to inhabit an area previously occupied by their same species than a new area.

Basic Bio-Services Rate: $80 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Special Bio-Services rates are available for special circumstances. Contact one of our Resource Specialists for more information.

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