I love April Woodard
I love April Woodard

The Genius of a Simple Solution

For any pigeon control program to succeed, pigeons must be addressed on a community level. Research has proven that "spot treatments" or "environmental modifications" have little or no affect on the problem.

Nevada Pigeon Control's solution is simple:

1. Safely clear the area of all pigeons
2. Clean and depheromonize the affected area
3. Maintain population control through regular maintenance operations

While actual operations often require dozens of different methods to achieve one of more of these goals, following this general guideline for control has proven to be successful in every possible application.

Pigeon Control Agents

The success of any community effort starts with dedicated people armed with the right information, the right tools, and the right attitude. Education and training is key to providing the community with professionals that can get the job done and get it done right. The agents that work for Nevada Pigeon Control are the absolute best pigeon control professionals in the world.

Pigeon-Saver® Capture Systems

Capturing entire flocks of pigeons is one of the most intensive operations in pigeon control. Our patented Pigeon-Savers® are one of the key tools to a capture operation. Attached to light poles in control zones, Pigeon-Savers® safely capture and detain massive numbers of pigeons.

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