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Pigeon Control new clients for April 2012

Pigeon Control Services for all of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson.

Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control for Las Vegas

If you live in Las Vegas, you know how bad the pigeon problem is. It seems like everyone wants to take your money but no one wants to solve your problem. Well finally there is a real solution.

Nevada Pigeon Control is a humane society dedicated to providing effective and humane solutions for pigeon control. The agents at Nevada Pigeon Control are trained experts in pigeon behavior and can safely and effectively remove conflict pigeons from virtually any environment.

Our program has been successful in some of the most challenging environments in Las Vegas. We currently maintain 27 major casinos, 2 transfer stations for Republic Services, 9 campuses for CSN, over 700 billboards for Clear Channel, and 2,483 Home Owners Association properties. We are also responsible for maintaining over 5 miles of train track for the Las Vegas Monorail.

Our pigeon control program is unmatched by any method in the world. It has worked for these clients. It will work for you.

Serving residential, commercial, and municipal properties in Clark County.

Call today at (702) 617-1833.

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